backyard table and chair
backyard table and chair

"We Listen"

We don't just build for clients we build for long term relatioinships


It is important for us to bring that "personal finishing touch" to your new or existing home. That is why we provide a "hands-on" approach for your project with everything to offer along the way. Plan development CAD/3D is crucial to every project large or small. It allows to visualize the expectations of the clients needs and or desires. We provide in house design using the latest software and we work in tandem with Architects & Homeowner to inspire designs being presented.


The finally is the completion and then the long term maintenance. Exterior Design & Landscape's maintenance program will keep a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. We are responsible for annual plantings, periodic weeding and fertilizing, other gardening, lawn care, and path maintenance, shrub pruning, topiary, lighting, fencing, runoff drainage, and irrigation. Our goal is to have your property to stand out in envy , and be able to gloat about it.

Construction/ Drainage

Our irrigation services Improving the reduction of water use and improving the water shed from your property is critical to changing weather conditions We use the most up-to-date irrigation material and manufacturers.  With new technology, we can improve your water coverage as well as shutting down controllers by use of rain, solar sensors even ET Controller.We also install reclamation systems to collect onsite water.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting is a must for every design. In new installation or just an improvement project, it enhances the property significantly. We use the most up to date LED material available. From LED strip step lights to uplights in trees and structures, hand remote activation to Home management systems we design the right application for your project. Our accomplishments are well appreciated. We do not do hollywood but a classy well lit property to come home to and or show off is well worth the investment.

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